Apps and Project Examples

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    IOS, Android and Windows Apps that drive the social media startup "SnipMe". The mobile apps were a mix of java, ajax, on a universal Cordova (PhoneGap) platform.

    Software engineers from SnipMe, now working with Bandercomm, designed and implemented the website, mobile and desktop apps.

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    This is a Unity based video game currently under development for IOS, Android, Xbox, PC, Mac, and Sony Playstation.

    Unity is a popular third party game development product that produces multiple platform binaries from a single source code. In this case, Bandercomm is coding this product in C#.

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    Port (remote desktop)

    Windows Desktop App written in the early 2000's. Allows a private server to be setup and works through firewalls.

    This project involved communication, compression (AES), and networking protocols. The application, windows service, and device driver contain technology from many of the experiences of Bandercomm, including USB.