Our Expertise and Background

Bandercomm is based in Austin, Texas where your new software project is centrally managed. The engineering talent resides in Austin, India, the Ukrain, Indonesia, and many other places where specific skill sets exist. We are owned and operated by a U.S. based software engineering management team with over 24 years of combined local and global experience managing domestic and overseas software engineers that we have a network of relationships with.

We take your original concept, as a startup idea or new feature set, determine the project size and target platforms or devices, the quality goals, documentation standards, and launch targets, and then working within your budget, we plan, staff, and deliver on your deadline. We have experience in Windows Desktop Apps, Firmware, Device Drivers (USB, Networking, PCIe, etc.), Mobile App development, gaming (Unity), and much more.

With a broad range of expertise, please contact us to discuss your project to see if we can help. You'll have a great experience working with a company that understands how to talk to people who are, and are not tech.

Our Crews

With local and global talent pools, we have networks of engineering talent that is cost effective and readily available.

Core expertise

Our core expertise comes from a background in software from companies like National Instruments, Polycom, SMSC, MCCI, and Broadcom. Skillsets include C, C++, C#, Java, Ajax, Php, and Amazon AWS.

We work within your budget

It takes talented and motivated engineers, time, and good management to get software done correctly. When you tell us your budget, and we'll work within those parameters to staff your project. If your project has a lower budget, it may take 6-12 months with a single engineer to complete. Or, you may be able to accelerate that to 3-4 months by tripling the staff. It all depends on your budget, quality, and launch goals.

Online reporting tools

We use Cloud based project tools to manage your project. These tools include source control (CVS/SVN/GIT/Perforce), bug tracking and reporting tools like Jira and Bugzilla, and cloud based project management tools.